How to do your own Makeover – ten steps

Firstly, thank you all so much for the many comments and messages encouraging me from all around the world. It’s great to be part of such a supportive online community!

This is about my personal makeover journey, inspired by books and blogs and the ten things I’ve done (so far!)  It was necessary because I had a big change in lifestyle – from running a vintage shop and then doing stalls at fairs to returning to work as an addiction groupworker and would-be blogger.

My wardrobe consisted of five or six vintage outfits , jeans and tops for days off and a couple of ‘going out’ items. Vintage bags, vintage-style shoes and even hairstyle (picture below).. It no longer  suited my lifestyle so it was time for change. This is what I did.bluebell-at-war-11-4-13-026-2

  1.  I did lots of homework .  I have over 15 books now on style, fashion, colour . I’ll be reviewing the ones I found most helpful in another blog post.  I look at magazines, I read blogs and I look in the shops. I keep an ‘inspiration’ file of colours, styles and combinations I like.
  2. I had a ‘refresher’ session with my House of Colours consultant Margaret to check I’m still a winter jewel and look at styles that are better for my  current bodyshape – still rectangle but with a tummy!
  3.  I attended one of her Open House sessions to look at the Kettlewell Colours clothes and have a bra fitting. I bought several bras as I’d gone up a cup size and four of the tops and scarves in ‘my’ colours.
  4. Next – new haircut.  This took a few attempts to find what I wanted; eventually I found a hairdresser nearer to me that had great reviews, had a consultation and a much more modern, flattering cut.
  5. 20161231_195042

5. Makeup. Vintage no longer – I had a couple of free classes with Mac and Clinique and then discovered the Look Fabulous Forever range for older skins; brilliant! There are also great video tutorials on the website.

6. Exercise and diet – ongoing! I’ve cut down on sweet things a lot – now I’m not running round in the shop all day I’m doing yoga at home and dog-walking – not an exercise class/gym person!

7.  Wardrobe analysis. After my session with Margaret I looked at the clothes I had for the different activities in my life and could see where the gaps were.

8. Wardrobe detox. Inspired by all the books I went for it. A lot of my vintage pieces were donated to charity shops, along with everything that didn’t fit or was the wrong colour. Kept one pair of Katherine Hepburn 40s style wide leg trousers as a motivator – can nearly get into them now!.After  Christmas and rearranged everything by colour.  This is the result…it’s cheered me up tremendously. I don’t have a large collection of clothes and shoes but now I can see what I have.


9. Shopping. I‘ve been gradually replacing items over the last six months, on a limited budget. So it’s been outlet stores online, charity (thrift) shops and a great local dress agency. I’ve made a few mistakes (mostly online) but I’m trying hard to concentrate on fit and colour and shop with a clear idea of what I’m looking for.

10. Finally, and the very best value so far I’ve joined Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style’s Evolve your Style programme. For only $10 a daily style challenge . You  post on the group’s Facebook page and receive comments from other members – it’s been so helpful and great to feel part of a community. 10 days to go! My partner said this morning @Another great outfit. It’s like waking up with a different person each day…hmmm. I think that’s a compliment in Manspeak.

So that’s the journey so far. More to follow as I search for style for the over 60s on a budget – with not a twinset in sight!

Are you  or have you been on a makeover mission?  I’d love to hear from you.



Welcome to my blog – vintage, secondhand and stylish at sixty (ish)

Our fashion show- Lingfield Racecourse Ladies Day
At the Bluebell Railway

Welcome to the Wear it Again Sam blog. Above are two memories of Wear it Again Sam – my vintage shop in East Grinstead which traded at Ship Street and the High Street from 2010 to 2016. I then had stalls at an emporium and local vintage fairs and finally ceased trading a few months ago.

The shop was great fun and I met so many interesting people and had very loyal customers – thank you if you were one of them. Financially it was not a great money – earner; more of a hobby, so I finally closed the door and said goodbye to my brilliant team. (Thanks all of you  – Dylan, Suzanner, Josie, Izzy and Ian).

However, as I still get enquiries both on my website and Facebook page I’ve decided to start a blog featuring vintage news and reviewing local vinrage shops, buying secondhand and vintage events.

I’m also passionate about something else and may well start a separate blog in the next few months for Stylish at Sixty – Sassy Shopper!  The inspiration behind this was receiving an increasing number of depressing catalogues of clothing and footwear for “older women”…aaagh!  And 60+ gentlemen I will also be featuring blogs and websites for you too – if you listen to Johnnie Walker on a Sunday and still go to gigs/festivals you probably don’t feel ready for anoraks and cloth caps any more than we ladies want to wear trousers with elasticated waists!

Recently I walked past a very attractive woman of a similar age to me but dressed head to toe in pale beige which did nothing for her. I really wanted to give her a makeover! So I shall be training in colour and image over the next six months or so – not as a big business but to help friends and clients at the addiction rehab where I run therapeutic writing groups, to help them look good and feel good..

Join me in my campaign if you want to SAY NO TO BEIGE!  There are so many wonderful colours  out there – we don’t need to wear a beige uniform, stretchy trousers and ‘sensible’ shoes. We are the generation(s) of women who were growing up in the sixties wearing mini-skirts, went to festivals and dropped out in the seventies, ran businesses and wore shoulder pads and Sue Ellen hairstyles in the eighties, were working mothers in the nineties and are now achieving a level of work life balance. We don’t want to be dictated to and we don’t want to be pigeonholed.

I’ve been on a mission to find books, websites and blogs  which handle this subject with inspiration and creativity.  I’ve found some terrific sources which I’ll be sharing with you – and some horrors (The Guardian’s article on “Glam Grans” was a glaring example! The focus seems to be, in the title of Nicky Hambleton-Jones’ book “How to Look Ten Years Younger.”

Why?? I’m happy to be my age and don’t want to have plastic surgery, buy clothes in all the ‘disposable fashion’ shops or wear styles that look good on a size 6 5ft 11 16-year old fashion model. .I wondered about calling this section of the blog Sixty and Gorgeous but realised the acronym would be SAG…maybe appropriate but not very inspirational!

Agree?  Disagree? I’d love to hear back from you.

Please note: This is a hobby and a passion not a business so there won’t be any advertising and if I recommend books, products of shops it will be a genuine referral and not paid for!


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