Stop ageism in fashion writers!

A lot has been written, quite rightly, about the fashion industry’s use of ultra skinny models and how this causes body image problems for women.

However another very pernicious influence is the idea of ‘age appropriate’ dressing and how suddenly once someone becomes 40, 50 or 60 they have to alter their style, cover up head to toe, wear pale colours and generally become invisible. I even found an article entitled “30 things women over 30 shouldn’t wear”. Please!

This was confirmed when I did a stall at Daisy Dog Vintage fair locally for my colours and style business. I ran a free prize draw to win a colour consultancy and two older ladies, on separate occasions, said “Oh no I’m past all that” and would not be persuaded otherwise; I thought that was really sad.

You can look great and feel great at any age. Iris Apfel is probably one of the best known stylists; still modelling at 95 with her own quirky style. We don’t all have to be as ‘out there’ as Iris – but if we want to why not?Iris Apfel

When I posted about this on Facebook recently there was a great response. I felt rebellious and bought some silver ankle boots which I will wear this winter with my new leather biker jacket. After all, I partied in the 70s, don’t remember quite a bit of the 80s and if I feel like channelling older rock chick I will! If, like my friend Freda you are tall and have great legs why not wear a short dress or tunic and leggings or a short skirt?

Here are the boots…  boots

What do you think?

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