Why women’s magazines can be bad for your health


I wish there were magazines called Bad Housekeeping or Woman and not so perfect Home.  While I was away on holiday I did something I knew I shouldn’t do – and always makes me feel bad and grumpy afterwards.

No, not overindulging in chocolate but reading women’s magazines; there was a selection in the cottage we rented.  All aimed at the”mature” woman who is wanting to grow older gracefully – or, in my case, disgracefully. Not Cosmpolitan or Vogue – these were middle of the road, middle-aged magazines. It made me write a list of at least 10 reasons why women’s magazines are bad for (my) mental health. Here goes!

  1.  The models are all in their late 20s or 30s at least and sizes 6-8 and 5’10 tall.  They would look great in a paper bag. I do not.
  2. If the magazine does a makeover of an older woman in the before pic she is photographed with no makeup and frumpy clothes. No brainer!
  3.  I’m not being ‘craftist’ here – I have friends who love knitting and sewing but I don’t
  4. There are usually at least two articles on celebrity women (one of the magazines featured at least ten. These are supposed to be inspirational but they feature ladies who look amazing, have a family and a highly successful career as well as working out every day etc etc. I have to lie down in a darkened room just thinking about it!
  5. The fashions are really all either ‘mega-expensive’ and out of my price range abd the high-street versions are pretty grim.
  6. The adverts include ‘slimming’ crimple ne trousers with elasticated waistbands, sensible shoes and stair-lifts. Not there (yet).
  7. The articles on how to achieve work/life balance/reduce stress etc are either banal and badly researched or sandwiched between lots of other articles peppered with ‘shoulds’ and oughts’ from de-cluttering to achieving more to converting your wardrobe into a sauna.
  8. I want a magazine that makes me laugh and identify with other normal women who are not superwomen or high-achievers.
  9. I don’t want to finish reading a magazine and feel ‘less than’ or inadequate after being told how to work harder/pack more in.
  10. Where are the articles on how to lose weight without dieting or going for a jog, why renovating your entire home is a waste of time as the new owners will redecorate anyway And why seeing a friend/walking the dog/enjoying a good film is better for you than reading a woman’s magazine.
  11. End of rant. Anyone agree?