Ireland, tweeds and colours


I’m back from a very relaxing and rejuvenatting 10 days in Ireland. It’s always sad leaving the warmth of the people, their hospitality and of course the dramatic and beautiful scenery.

As I’m continuing my training in style and colour analysis I was fascinated by the different hues of the Donegal tweeds and the colouring of the people and tweeds.

I’ve  always loved tweed abd when I had my vintage shop tweed jackets were best sellers for men and women, along with caps and shawls.  I’d always thought of Irish/celtic colouring to be dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes (Winter paletter) and there are many with this colouring.  However this time, probably because I’m more attuned to it, I noticed many fair haired and redhead/auburn Irish people with spring, summer and even autumn colouring.

Their tweeds also relect both the Winter palette of colours – deep burgundy, forest green, chinese blue and the spring summer palettes with fresh, clear and bright shades and the more muted tones of summer such as heathers and misty blues.

I was able to obtain fabric swatchews from the famous Magee shop in Donegal town, pictured in the photo.  One day I’ll be able to afford one of their tweed jackets! In the meantime the jacket at the top was a find in the Boden sale.



Have you visited Ireland? Do you love tweeds too? I’d love to hear from you.





Off to Ireland

No blog posts for ten days or so as we are offf to sunny (?) Ireland to visit family and friends in Donegal.

Whatever the weather we’ll be able to enjoy the stunning scenery, great food and people. Next post when I’m back.20160615_204549