How to revitalise your wardrobe with colour


I’ve always been fascinated by different colours and how they can make you look and feel good.

Following a visit to an image consultant to have my colours “done” back in the late eighties I was converted to the seasonal method of analysing the best group of colours to reflect a person’s skin tone, eye and hair colouring . As a “Winter” I loved the clear, bright and strong paletter. (I’ve made a Winter collage above).

Having a swatch of colours to shop with definitely saved me both time and money and I made far fewer mistakes. Most of the items in my wardrobe worked together and it was far easier to get dressed.

Over the years I had a couple of refresher sessions and found I was probably choosing ‘safe’ colours rather than experimenting and combining more colours from my palette. I was really enthusiastic about the results. And now I’ve started training myself to help people choose their best colours.

Last weekend I spent three intensive days training with the lovely Gail Morgan of Study in Style.It was fascinating, learning all about the different seasons, how to assess someone’s undertone, depth and brightness.

Now I practise on about twelve people while doing about 40+ hours of online learning and assessments about style, body shapes, clothing personalities.

Helping people, both men and women,  look and feel good about themselves seems like a    great thing to do. The journey begins!

Have you had your colours done? How was it for you?



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