The joy of hats

One of the many brilliant things about running a vintage shop is that I got to wear hats whenever I wanted – no excuse needed! And as  Margo Nickel said “Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special.”  It’s true – people smile at you more and feel at liberty to admire/comment on your hat. Try it!

img_6913                                     dsc_0029-edit

Josie and Sean in 1940s headgear                            Dapper gents’  hats and accessories

At Wear it Again Sam we used to stock a range of vintage hats for men and women from uniform hats and fedoras to cloche hats and boaters.  I learnt so much about hats in the six years the shop was running – how to measure a head properly, hat sizes and shapes. I often had to encourage people to try a hat with an outfit and I often heard “Oh, I don’t look good in hats” to which I would reply that there was a hat shape and style for everyone depending on your face shape.

We have also had the pleasure of attending the eclectic Bridport Hat Fest which is held in early September and is an amazing event with hat fairs and workshops, lots of live suitably hatted bands  (think Hank Wangford, Madness etc) and an amazing event on the Saturday lunchtime when everyone crowds into the main market square and throws their hats in the air.  There are children with hats, dogs with headgear and people wearing amazing home-made creations which make Carmen Miranda’s headgear seem tame. Thoroughly recommended; Bridport is a really whacky, lively town with a regular vintage fair and set in gorgeous Dorset countryside by the Jurassic coast.Great cream teas too (which I fear may be a recurring theme of this blog!)

I recently added two new additions to my hat collection – a teal blue Annie Hall number which reminds me of one of my favourite films and I can pretend I look like Diane Keaton when I wear it (I wish). The other is a silver faux fur hat with ear flaps which is quite eccentric but great for the cold weather and our planned trip to Ireland (in February – don’t ask!)  My other half says I look like a rabbit so I hope that is a fluffy, cuddly term rather than a rodent-like description.

Do you like hats? Do post your comments and photos! Wear your hat(s) with pride…



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