Into the blue..

Why is blue considered to be the colour of depression – as someone who has had bad depression in the past I think it should be grey!

Blue is one of my favourite colours and I decided I needed some more accessories to wear.

So here is the result of a trip to two or three charity (thrift) shops the other day (total cost under £10). A quick and easy way to brighten up an outfit! (Just typed that as Brighton – where I used to live and still one of my favourite towns/cities.20170114_153821

Also, on the subject of buying secondhand and charity shopping I really recommend Victoria Lochead’s excellent little book In the Jumble. Lots of good advice and very funny, sadly no photos but you can see those on her website .

And still on the subject of blue I’ve decided to take photos of friends and ladies I see out and about (with their permission of course) so here is our first Wear it Again Sam style lady Patsy.  Patsy is very artistic and always wears great colours for her stunning white hair and blue eyes. Apologies for the quality of the photo which really doesn’t do her – or her outfit – justice. (I’m still struggling with my phone camera).


Thank you for all the messages of support. Any other blue fans out there?


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